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1. FireTV Stick →  →            
  • Our best-selling Fire TV Stick, now with the all-new Alexa Voice Remote.
  • Fire TV Stick is easy to setup and comes pre-registered to your Amazon account so you can just plug it in to your HDTV and enjoy favourite titles and personalised recommendations.
  • Play and control content with the All-New Alexa Voice Remote. Use the dedicated power, volume and mute buttons to control compatible TVs.
  • Watch favourites from Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Sony LIV and others. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Experience thousands of apps, and Alexa skills, as well as millions of websites like YouTube, Facebook and Reddit.
  • Do more with Alexa—view live camera feeds, check cricket scores, order food and stream music.
  • Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes on Prime Video, as well as ad-free listening to millions of songs with Prime Music.

2. Honor Band 4    →                                    

  • 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen: Color screen, adjustable screen brightness, dynamic & vivid display; Full screen touch & home button control; Belt clip design makes band firmly attached to your wrist
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring: TruSleep allows sleep status recognition, collection & analyzing data
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: TruSeen allows 24-hour accurate real-time heart rate monitoring & warnings
  • 5ATM Water Resistant: 50 meters water resistant
  • Long Standby Time: Ultra-long standby time up to 17 days & saves time on frequent charging
  • Multiple Sports Modes: Supports Outdoor & Indoor Run, Walking, Indoor & Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swim & Training Various Exercises Types; Daily Activities Tracking & Monitoring: Step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high intensity activities duration & standing status, target setting & achievement reminder
  • Swimming Posture Recognition: 6-Axis sensor recognizes main strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke); Records speed, distance, number of turns, calories, average SWOLF & other data

  • Special Features: Multiple Watch Faces; Remote Control Camera (only available on Huawei/Honor EMUI 8.1 devices or later)
  • Smart Assistant: Stopwatch & timer; Find your phone; Alarm reminder (including smart & event alarms)
  • Notification Reminders: Caller ID, SMS, e-mail, Weather Reports, Calendar & Social Apps

3. Back To School   →        

It's educational time once more! You're most likely inclination energized and perhaps a little pitiful that late spring is finished. A few children feel apprehensive or somewhat terrified on the principal day of school as a result of all the new things: new educators, new companions, and possibly another school. Fortunately, these "new" stresses just stick around for a brief period. We should discover progressively about returning to class. 

The First Day 

Most instructors kick off the school year by presenting themselves and discussing all the stuff you'll be doing that year. A few educators allow understudies to inform something regarding themselves to the remainder of the class. 

At the point when educators do the chatting on the primary day, they frequently go over study hall leads so you'll realize what's permitted and so forth. Give close consideration so you'll know whether you have to raise your hand to make an inquiry and what the principles are tied in with visiting the bathroom. 

You may definitely know a great deal of children in your classes on the principal day. However, it's an extraordinary day to make another companion, so endeavor to make proper acquaintance with messes with you know and new ones that you don't. Influence the principal move and you'll to be happy you did thus will your new companion! 

Moving to Middle School? 

6th grade regularly flags a move to center school or middle school, where you'll discover storage spaces and possibly a homeroom. This is exactly what it sounds like — a study hall you'll go to every morning, sort of like your home in the school. In center school, you may move from study hall to study hall for each subject. Your educators realize this is a major change from primary school and will enable you to alter. 

Most educators let you pick your own seat on the main day, however constantly or third morning, they'll have mapped out a seating plan. At first, it's a smart thought to record where your seat is in your note pad so you remember. 

Feeling Good on Day One 

Seeing companions you haven't found in some time can make the principal day a decent one. You additionally can make the day feel uncommon by wearing an outfit you like. Possibly you got an incredible T-shirt in the midst of some recreation, or your new tennis shoes put a spring in your progression. On the off chance that you wear a uniform, you may wear a most loved watch, another hair band, or a bit of gems to demonstrate your own style. 

It can make you feel great to be arranged and have every one of the provisions you need. A few schools disperse supply records before the year starts, so you can come supplied up on pencils, envelopes, and whatever else you'll be requiring. When you've secured the nuts and bolts, you may tuck an additional couple of dollars in your knapsack for a crisis (like overlooking your lunch cash). Or on the other hand perhaps you'd like to convey along a book or magazine to peruse while you're on the transport. 

Whatever you put in your rucksack, ensure you pack it the prior night. This keeps the morning alarm when you can't discover your homework or lunch box. Talking about lunch, that is something different that can enable you to feel great at school — regardless of whether it's the main day or the 100th day. Help your folks pack it the prior night on the off chance that you don't care for what's on the menu at the cafeteria. Attempt to incorporate an assortment of nourishments in your pressed lunch, particularly foods grown from the ground. 

Get Oriented 

The primary day of school is your first opportunity to discover your way around another school, or become familiar with the pathways to new classes in your old school. It's a long way to go in one day, so don't be amazed on the off chance that you need an update or two. 

It may compose a couple of notes to yourself, so you'll recall the imperative stuff, similar to your storage blend and that lunch begins at 11:43, not 12:10. Before you know it, your fingers will fly as you open your storage and you won't need to check your notes to comprehend what time lunch begins! 

A Bad Start? 

Imagine a scenario in which you despise school before the finish of the very first moment. Instructors prescribe giving things some an opportunity to get themselves straightened out — when you feel comfortable around the structure and get changed in accordance with the new daily schedule, you'll likely feel much improved. In the event that those sentiments don't blur, converse with your mother, father, educator, or school advocate. 

Here are a couple of conclusive tips for a fabulous school year: 

Get enough rest. 

Eat a sound breakfast. 

Try your best. 

Use great work propensities, such as recording your assignments and turning in your homework on schedule. 

Take your time with school work. In the event that you don't get something, ask the instructor. 

Keep a comical inclination. One instructor we know demonstrates his new understudies an image of himself graduating secondary school — a smiling chimp in a red graduation top and outfit. This normally makes the children chuckle, and it's a decent method to advise them that school is entertaining!  

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